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Pack away your clutter!

In a busy world, we can often accumulate ‘stuff’. Things that we have in our homes or offices that are surplus to requirements. If you have furniture, files, household belongings, ornaments or crockery that you want out of your house or office, then call us on 01903 245 025 for our self storage availability.

Affordable self storage

It doesn’t have to cost much either. Our self storage containers come in many different sizes to accommodate any amount of clutter!

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter clean

It doesn’t matter when you do it, just do it! Sort out what you don’t want in your home or office and put it into storage. You can always sell the items later or find a more permanent place for them to live in the future, but in the meantime storing items will give you much needed breathing space.

We promise, that if you do this, your life will seem…well more organised, calmer and you will be in control again!

Need to declutter your life? Contact Reynards Self Storage

For prices, availability and information on self storage West Sussex, please contact us by email or phone 01903 245 025.

Reynards Self Storage

For information, prices and availability, call on 01903 245025 or 07979 802 800.

Alternatively, please visit our self storage company contact page.

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