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Information about Reynards Self Storage

Below you will find information about Reynards Self Storage. If there is anything that we haven’t covered, then please give us a call on: 01903 245025 or 07979 802 800

Affordable secure self storage rental

With a minimum rental period of just 1 month* and a range of sizes to suit everyone, Reynards Self Storage units are suitable for storing all kinds of items including:


Household furniture and effects


Document / archive storage


Equipment supplies


Trade materials


Commercial goods


Single or multiple pallets

* excluding the 8ft containers which have a minimum rental period of 2 months

Modern self storage units, West Sussex

With over 30 years’ experience in commercial and private storage, we know how important your stored items are to you. Our storage containers are modern and well maintained..

Each container has high vents to deter moisture and is secured with thick metal doors and dual opening for easy access. The container doors are sealed with double wall rubber seals, ensuring a dry trouble free environment for your important property.

Self storage unit sizes

Reynards Self Storage provides containers from 8ft long, for smaller storage, upwards to 40ft – and of course you can combine as many containers as you like. The container sizes available are:

Length*Height*Width*Door OpeningCubic Capacity
40'9'6"8'8'5"x7'8" (2.59m x 2.38m)2698 ft³ (76.4m³)
40'8'6"8'7'5"x7'8" (2.29m x 2.38m)2154 ft³ (61.0m³)
20'9'6"8'8'5"x7'8" (2.59m x 2.38m)1320 ft³ (37.4m³)
20'8'6"8'7'5"x7'8" (2.29m x 2.38m)1170 ft³ (33.1m³)
10'8'6"8'7'5"x7'8" (2.29m x 2.38m)563.3 ft³ (15.95m³)
8'7'7'6'5"x6'8" (1.98m x 2.07m)351.2 ft³ (9.95m³)

*External dimensions

Opening times

You will be able to access your storage at the following times:

PeriodMon - FriSaturdaySunday
1 April - 31 Oct6.30am-6.00pm6.30am-12.00pm6.30am-6.00pm
1 Nov - 31 March7.00am-5.00pm7.00am-12.00pm7.00am-12.00pm

After these times the automatic security gates are closed and there is no access. All containers are subject to availability.


Units are available in a range of sizes and are level-sited on a tarmacadam site. There is a 5 tonne forklift facility on hand, so manoeuvring and stacking of goods is no problem (with an advanced booking, at a minimal cost).

Fluorescent lighting and 240v metered electricity supply are available in the 40ft containers.

Self storage security

The containers are situated behind two security gates. The electrically operated main gate is timed and only allows access to specific personnel outside of opening hours.
In conjunction with the gates, the site is under 24 hours, recorded CCTV surveillance and has a resident caretaker, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your stored goods are secure.

For extra peace of mind, you are asked to provide the padlock for the container and therefore have sole access to the items stored within.

Self storage insurance

There are a number of insurance companies that provide cover for personal belongings stored in self containers. One company that we recommend is They provide low cost flexible insurance and are underwritten by RSA. Visit the for more information.

Contact Reynards Self Storage

All containers are subject to availability. For prices and information on current vacancies please contact us by email or phone 01903 245 025.

Reynards Self Storage

For information, prices and availability, call on 01903 245025 or 07979 802 800.

Alternatively, please visit our self storage company contact page.

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